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“ For me Rogier might be one of the best arrangers in The Netherlands ”


Hi, I'm Rogier. It's great to see you!

I've been writing for choirs since the year 2000 when I was a student at the conservatory of Enschede.

The best thing about arranging choral music is that it is possible to elaborate on the initial story that is told by the artist or the song. There are so many possibilities that support and emphasize the story that the listener is actually listening to an 'sound painting'.

That's my ultimate goal in my vocal arranging.


'Another Love'

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what people say


In recent years I have regularly bought arrangements from Rogier or had them arranged for my groups.
I just know that an arrangement from him always of good quality!
His arrangements are groovy, have beautiful harmonies and are a delight to sing!

Highly recommended!

Petra limon - conductor

In my opinion, Rogier is one of the best arrangers in the Netherlands.
With an interesting twist, he regularly amazes singers and audiences, without losing the credibility of the music.
If you are looking for a good, special arrangement that is also easy to sing, I can heartily recommend him. 

Merel Martens - Vocal leader / arranger

I have been able to perform Rogier's arrangements both as a choir member and conductor of my Vocal Group.
His work is challenging for the singer, innovative and rock solid. He knows how to write a suitable arrangement for every level.
Because he knows how to give the song his own twist, it is surprising for both the singers and the audience.
There's no doubt we will get back to him for more arrangements in the future!

Merel Brunnekreef - conductor

Rogier's arrangements almost always add something new to the existing song. That's what makes it so interesting and often even better than the original!

Juliette Dumoré - Conductor / Arranger

Besides being one of the most empathetic, friendly and musically skilled people I know, Rogier is a specialist in arranging funky and groovy songs where good singing, fun and challenge go hand in hand. 

Don henken - Conductor / Arranger

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